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How is this a pay rise?

Debbie Wilkinson speaks out

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Sharon Graham Unite GS speaks to members on the picket line

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Keynote address

Unite GS Sharon Graham speaks at conference

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Stay Safe – Join a Union

Latest health & safety update

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Uk fuel for UK reactors

Unite members from Springfields Fuels go to Westminster to help save jobs

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End Fire and Rehire

Victims of fire and rehire speak out

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Unite and climate change

See how to get on a course

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Trucked off!

Why we should respect the nation's lorry drivers

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‘Persuasion, not coercion’

Listen to the Mail on Sunday’s podcast where Unite’s national officer Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe speaks out against mandatory Covid vaccinations for NHS staff.

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Unite in a time like no other

It has been a time like no other but ours, as ever, is a union like no other.

When COVID-19 came to our communities, Unite swung into action. This film, previewed at our policy conference in October, captures how our members stepped up to keep people and services safe and supported.

These are the stories of the pandemic and a reminder of our union at its best where everyday acts of kindness and our members' dedication are solidarity brought to life.

The film is dedicated to Unite members, to those who lost their lives and to those who still step up, day in, day out, delivering care and compassion to our communities. This is a record of these times, made because we must never forget.

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